Mais qui est Jean-Louis Van Belle ?

Année: 2009
Type: Documentaire
Durée: 26′

Pitch: Réalisateur français culte de plusieurs films atypiques des années 60 et 70, Jean Louis Van Belle revoit ses films ressortir dans divers festivals et cinémathèques. Cependant, peut-on dire qui se cache vraiment derrière le père de Paris Interdit et du Sadique aux dents Rouges ? Une plongée dans la vie de ce personnage qui tente de donner des pistes de lecture sur sa véritable personnalité…

Le documentaire a été édité en tant que bonus sur le coffret DVD Jean-Louis Van Belle édité chez Mondo Macabro.

Réalisation: Sylvain Perret (crédité Peter Van Lyris)
Production: Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff (crédité Oscar Cigar’)
Images: Peter Van Lyris, Charles Dubois, Oscar Cigar’, Paul de Buffa
Habillage: Julien Favre (crédité Paul de Bufa)
Mixage son: Charles Dubois

Cast:: Jean-Louis Van Belle, Michel ANDERSON, Nathalie PERREY, Danièle PERRIER, Denyse ROLAND, Christophe BIER, Michel Barbey, Jean-François Rauger

La presse en parle:

…A much-needed documentary… ::

There’s a great French language documentary about Van Belle, which centers on this enigmatic directors propensity for storytelling and obscuring the truth of his own biography. Liner notes from Christophe Bier, who is also interviewed in the docu, do their best to separate fact from fiction but ends up emphasizing the unknowability of this unique figure in European low budget cinema. :: World Weird Cinema

Jean Louis van Belle proves to be a curious subject, as he introduces himself to a French audience in the third person (claiming that he’s not in fact van Belle, but that he’s worked closely with him) as the camera crops out his head for most of the running time. Towards the end, a camera zooms out to reveal van Belle’s face, sitting in front of a monitor, as he’s asked by an interviewer to respond to what others have just said about him. :: DVD

Who is JLVB? (30m:14s) is mixed bag of a film by Peter Van Lyris, an oddly framed mishmash of interviews with former cast/crew of Van Belle, as well as a few words from the man himself during a presentation at what appears to have been a film festival. ::

Incorporating scenes from his various films and relying on both on-camera testimonials from those who know him and from the cagey, somewhat unreliable Van Belle himself (who appears photographed only from the neck down), the short subject attempts to put the filmmaker into a Dadaist perspective (…) A self-described orphan who taught himself out of loneliness to tell stories, a failed seminarian and “a guy who barely went to school, a guy who knew nothing, with no diploma and not knowing anyone at all” who went on to make “a bunch of movies,” Van Belle agrees with the consensus that it was the making of his films and not the end result that was most rewarding. “I made films because I wanted to gather friends around me. Like at school or the orphanage and go off and have adventures in the world of cinema.” :: Turner Classic


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